Rugs…and what they mean to the people that own them!

Established as one of the leading rugs manufacturers of India for decades now, we have arrived at one simple conclusion – rugs are another form of human expression.

We believe that spaces, like people, have intrinsic personality traits of their own. However, spaces, also just like people, can be spruced up from time to time, styled to match a mood, personality, or occasion. As home furnishing manufacturers, we can vouch for the fact that nothing says personality louder than rugs.

Research says that Central Asian nomads used to make rugs from wool to keep warm. Although the exact origin of rugs might be a debate amongst Historians around the world, we believe that the first uses of rugs probably had more to do with comfort than aesthetic. Having said that, being a leading rug exporter from India, we are well aware of the fact that today, rugs serve far more than a comfortable covering placed on the floor of a home or office.

Several factors come handy while selecting the perfect rug for your space. Some of the obvious ones are the quality and texture of material, style of weave, design, color, shape, and size of the rug. As a rug exporter that ships products to various parts of the US and Europe, we also know that the weather of a space, amount of sunlight falling on the rugs, and similar factors are important considerations as well.

Depending on the rest of the space, the perfect rug can make an effortless style statement. Very often these eye-catching centerpieces end up being conversation starters, especially if you are someone that likes to switch between collections to match festivals, special occasions, or the varying seasons of the year!

Easy to maintain, durable, and portable, Designing and decorating a space is an activity that helps bring occupants closer together than before, stoking a creative side for one another to experience. If you are looking for rug manufacturers who understand the importance of this, look no further! As home furnishing manufacturers, we work day and night to give you product offerings that allow your customers to style their homes just the way they want!

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